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Our Process

Congrats on your new EV purchase. There are many perks to driving an EV: they’re fast, they’re fun, and they’re good for the environment. We personally believe that the best part of owning an EV is charging at home. We’re here to make the last step of getting a home charging solution as fast and simple as possible. 

  • Answer some basic questions about your property

  • Schedule a free 15 minute estimate in person or via video call*

  • We provide an estimate and schedule your install.
    We are typically available for installation within one week. Work usually takes 4-8 hours.

Common Questions

When can you start? 


We can give you an estimate and perform the install within 1-2 weeks usually.

Do you provide the "charger"?


Usually the customer provides the Wall Connector and we provide all material necessary for the install like wire, boxes, circuit breakers, etc.

How long does it take?


Most installs take 2-4 hours. For long, complex runs and work involving panel upgrades or new panels, up to one full day.

What's the difference between level 1, 2, and 3?


The short and simple version: level 1 charging means using a typical 120V outlet in your home. Your car may come with an adapter already to plug into any regular wall socket. These are really slow and are more of a backup way to top up. Charging speed is measured in DAYS. Level 3 charging is what you get at a commercial super charging station. Level 2 charging, what we specialize in, utilizes 220-240V power. This will get you 35-45 miles of range per hour of charging or 3-6 hours, perfect for plugging in overnight.

Can I reuse an existing circuit in my garage/driveway/etc? 


90% of the time, no. Garage and outdoor outlets that you use to plug in power tools and christmas lights are not adequate for the higher amperage needed. Unless your home was built or remodeled in the past few years, the contractor probably did not leave a dedicated circuit ready for EVs with a thick enough wire.

Do I need to upgrade my main panel? 


If it's 200 amps and you don't rely on heavy electric appliances like induction ranges or tankless water heaters, probably not. For older houses on less than 150 amp service, houses with fuse boxes, probably. If you have a tankless water heater, an induction range, or other high powered appliances, maybe. If your panel is full, we see if we can safely use tandem breakers first before recommending a heavy up. We know you just want to get your car charged, we don't push any unnecessary upgrades.   

Future-proof your home.

Whether you've already bought an EV or are planning one, we'll get your home ready.
If you're a landlord, get an EV outlet for your tenants or AirBnB guests.

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